Alissa in the Kitchen| Vegan Garden Omelette Recipe.

How to make a delicious cruelty free garden omelette.  This is an exciting new recipe. While this doesn't have the stretchy rubbery feeling of actual eggs it does have the same flavor and fluffiness of an omelette. It's almost like a pancake except it's not dense, sweet or overly carb like. This is a simple, … Continue reading Alissa in the Kitchen| Vegan Garden Omelette Recipe.


Pregnancy Update #2

17 week update. Weight: +2lb Baby's Weight: 5oz Baby's HR:138 Mom's BP: 107/78 So there you have it. The baby stats. Also, according to the old wives tale this is looking like a boy. I could use another baby boy xA

Pregnancy Update

That's right! If you don't know me personally or follow me on social media, I'M PREGNANT! Finally. I had honestly hoped to be able to have children closer in age and that they would go to school together. I guess that was just not the plan though. I am grateful to be pregnant, not matter … Continue reading Pregnancy Update