NEW! Diaper Safari one size diaper cover review and first impressions.

NEW! Diaper Safari one size diaper cover review and first impressions.

I have been on the hunt for the best and biggest expanding one-size diaper covers that I can find for a while now. I tried the Flip system and Bumgenius which worked fine, but not enough for me to buy more of them at such steep prices. And my baby boy is a biggun’ he’s only 2 but he is about 30 lbs and 37” tall. I know you must be thinking, “Wow, what did you feed him” but my husband is 6’6 and it runs in the family. So if you are looking for a good quality one-size diaper cover that you can use all the way to potty training then you have come to right place. Let me introduce you to the Diaper Safari OS Diaper cover.

I picked up three of these diaper covers last week during their buy two and get one free sale for about $17.95. The diapers usually retail for $8.95 for one with discounts on larger purchases. If you buy 3 you get them for $8.25 each, 6-8 you get them for $7.95 each,  9 or more you get them for only $7.50 each, very cost-effective for such a good quality.

This diaper cover is made of solid colored PUL  and has elastic at the legs and back.  One of things I really like about this is that it wipes clean and dries super fast. This is really important if you are building up a stash or can only afford to buy a few at a time.

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There are several rows of snaps making it fully adjustable. The snaps can either shorten or tighten the diaper. The snaps are reinforced with extra PUL layers making it more durable. They are really tight and about as child proof as it gets, The trick is pull down and away from the diaper to open it.  The wings of the diaper have 3 snaps holding the back to the front and then one extra snap that pulls the wings together.

On the smallest setting the diaper should hold an 8 lb baby and 35+ lbs on the largest setting. I’m going to say this is very accurate. I know some other diapers say they fit up to 35 lbs as well but they either aren’t as big or they are bulkier making it hard to fit well on a bigger baby. My baby boy who is 2 and weighs 30 lbs is on only the third row of snaps in. So there is plenty of room for him to grow, and I suspect he will be in potty training pants before we ever get to the biggest setting.

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(This is the smallest setting next to the biggest setting, clearly I am no photographer)

There are no leg gussets on this diaper cover but so far I haven’t had any leaks, I use an extra soaker at nigh time. The elastic rounds the whole leg opening and I get a pretty snug fit with no gaps on my baby.

This diaper has the hybrid style flaps at the top and bottom, or front and back inside of the cover that holds the inserts of prefold diapers. This is where it gains major cool points because the flaps are longer and hold the inserts in place so well! In comparison to the Flip diaper which has a very short and very ruffled pocket, this diaper has a long and flat pocket. I have used homemade inserts, gCloth inserts and Gerber prefold diapers and they all fit in there really good and stay put.  I think these flaps my be the reason I havent had any leaks because the if an insert slides around it’s basically useless. The other nice thing about these pockets is that they just look really nice. The finished edges and hems make this diaper cover seem like so expensive without the high costs.

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I could not find exact measurements for this diaper cover so I busted out my tape measure to get some round about numbers for you. At the widest part between the legs it’s about 7 inches,  front top to bottom it’s about  13 inches, without being stretched the front panel is about 10 inches, without being stretched the back panel from wing to wing is about 13 inches.

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Another really awesome thing here is the amazing customer service. I sent in some questions about this diaper before I got it in the mail and got some really stellar customer service. I was even given a name and direct number to a real person in case I had any more questions which is really awesome because I bought this myself and I did not reach out to them beforehand letting them know that I planned to review it.  So I hope they see this and give someone a raise because I am a very satisfied customer.

All in all I would be happy to see some cool prints on these in the future but still, I highly recommend this the Diaper Safari one-size diaper cover! I think they will last your baby from birth potty training and then some.  Don’t just take my word for it, try one for yourself!

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