50 Random Facts about me blog Tag

50 Random Facts about me blog Tag





Alright, guys here you go. Fifty random facts about Alissa.

1. My favorite colors are Green & pink.

2. My cat’s name is Socks, because she has four white paws and it looks like she’s got socks on her feet.

3. However, I hate the White Sox.

4. I had an appendectomy and now I have no appendix.

5. I found out I was pregnant on my 21st birthday.

6. I don’t put ice in my drinks because it makes my teeth too cold.

7. I took my first plane ride when I was 2.

8. I have lived in Michigan, Washington, Ohio, California, Hawaii and Illinois.

9.  I’m a huge Quinton Tarantino fan, my favorite is Reservoir Dogs.

10. I’m really terrible at painting my nails, yet I continue to try.

11. I’m obsessed with brushing my teeth, I brush my teeth 3 times a day usually and I keep an extra toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse.

12. I prefer cool ranch to nacho cheese in the Doritos department.

13. My favorite flowers are tulips.

14.  I’m an excellent home cook. I know everyone says that but I really mean it. I recently started making fresh pasta from scratch.

15. I hate Miracle Whip, it’s weird and gross and I hope it gets outlawed.

16. I am kind of a tweaker, I always feel like there is a bug on me or near me.

17. I am terrified of bees.

18. I don’t like The Walking Dead.

19.  I love knitting and crocheting, I make hats and scarves and I want to learn to make baby booties.

20. I don’t eat red meat, ever. Or meat off the bone, and I really can’t stand to watch someone shave meat off the bone. It makes me sad for the poor animals who lost their lives.

21. I love trashy reality tv.

22. My favorite subject is history.

23. My favorite artist is Botticelli.

24. I would sell everything I own for a trip to St. Peter’s Basilica.

25. My favorite musician is David Garett.

26. I’m the house barber here at casa Woodall, I bust out the clippers and line up my husband and son every week.

27. I am creeped out by jellyfish.

28. I believe in mermaids. I TRULY BELIEVE THEY ARE OUT THERE.

29. I don’t like warm pretzels.

30. I prefer red wine to white wine.

31. I prefer Doc Martens to Uggs.

32. I read a lot.

33. I watch mostly documentaries.

34. I am a horrible bowler, I think I bowled a 45 the last time I went out on the lanes with my husband (he bowls at least 120).

35. I am really into arts and crafts, because I am cool like that.

36. I’m very entrepreneurial, I believe in working for yourself over working for anyone else.

37. I love calendars, I have a big calendar on my wall in the kitchen, I have a planner calendar, and 7 day chalkboard planner at my makeup station. I recently bought a really cute sea otter calendar.

38. I am an avid upcycler, I salvage and reuse all kinds of things from old furniture to worn out jeans.

39. I am possibly a hoarder. I don’t throw anything of mine or my moms away.

40. I throw everything else away.

41. I wear glasses, if I don’t i get migraines.

42. My husband is 6 foot 6. I know this is about him, but it’s random.

43. I have 3 tattoos, which are like little secrets because they aren’t visible.

44. I have an online shopping problem. I get these emails and they all say buy today or miss out and then I start to panic, so I buy stuff.

45. I love cold weather, I wish I lived in Alaska.

46. I hate coconut water.

47.  I have read all 20 of the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum books.

48. In a past life I was probably a handyman. I’m really good with a hammer and nails, I even have my own toolbox.

49. I’m really awful at math, despite all my years at college I cannot do math off-hand at all. Sometimes I try to add simple numbers and I am so far off that I question my education.

50.  I’m really into water bottles. I love the clear plain glass ones. I love buying new cool water bottles, I don’t know why. But I go to sporting goods stores just to buy water bottles.



& there you have it loves.