A healthy pregnancy (with baby#2)?

A healthy pregnancy (with baby#2)?

Good morning love, it is 5:33 am and I can’t sleep. I figure I’ve got about half an hour before my husband drags me back to bed so I thought I would share a quick post. It is Thursday after all 🙂

I get a LOT of questions about what I’m eating and if I exercise. I eat a lot and I don’t really exercise. The key is to eat good food.I bike with my husband here and there and we hike all together maybe once a month. In a good month. The biking burns a lot of calories we log around 3 miles per trip, with a toddler in bike trailer attached to one of our bikes. The further along I get the harder it is for me to bike, shocker. I also get winded really easily, I usually have to stop twice before even making to the trail. The last time I went biking was on our anniversary, April 24th so about a month ago. I was all hyped up too because I got an awesome pink mountain bike as a gift! Thanks, Husband. Say what? Yes, it’s a pink Mongoose. It’s very Sex and the City meets Nat-Geo. Anyway, I digress.

What I am eating lately.

BREAKFAST:Blended watermelon, 40 oz 324 calories

I am obsessed with blended watermelon. I just chop it and put it right into the vitamix and puour into my water bottle.

SNACK: Fresh sweet cherries, 2 cups 180 calories & 1 liter of water

Lunch: Salad with fruit or melon.

This varies in calories but it is always large. Red leaf lettuce, 1/2 avocado, 1 c. cherry tomatoes, red onion seasoned with salt & pepper and topped with my homemade balsamic reduction. with an orange on the side. Because I am hungry hungry hippo.

SNACK2: More oranges, probably 2-3 large, approx 207 calories

Dinner: Steamed broccoli/cauliflower (2c. 108 calories), 1 baked potato (129 calories), steamed kale with nutritional yeast (2c. 72 calories).

So this is a basic day. It does not include any random craving I might have. Today I had a craving for tamales and went to Taco El Norte. It was pretty awesome. I don’t stop myself from eating anything but I have a rule that I don’t eat anything I don’t really want, or that isn’t absolutely delicious. Why waste the calories? So example; I ordered a pizza from Lou Malnati’s and it wasn’t the delicious pizza I had imagined, it didn’t hit the spot. So I didn’t eat it, I had 2 bowls of cherries instead. They were super delicious.

The Crunchy Mom Magic Coconut Oil Phenomenon.

The Crunchy Mom Magic Coconut Oil Phenomenon.


Yeah, that’s it up there, too bad there are no Emojis for wordpress. Surely everyone has heard of the supposedly wonderful awesome amazing coconut oil. Unless you–never mind. Back to the magic fruit oil beloved by hippies and crunchies ’round the globe. So the all mighty Coconut Oil and its antibacterial properties are said to have many healing effects. I took it upon myself to try as many of them as I could find and write an unsolicited unrequested review on my experiences. Below is a list of ways I tried (somewhat successfully) to incorporate it into my daily life.

  • Oil pulling for teeth whitening
  • Hair conditioning/moisturizing
  • Skin conditioning/moisturizing
  • Cooking oil
  • Butter replacement
  • Health supplement
  • Makeup remover
  • Skin protectant

Up first, oil pulling. Because of it’s antibacterial properties and alleged general awesomeness it is said to help whiten teeth and rid you of mouth yuckies. All you have to do is take two tablespoons and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes. Well I got to say I flat out refused this one.  After my experiance spplementing with coconut oil I knew this would be gross. Its thick, oily and tastes awful. Did I mention I hate the smell of coconut anything? Pass. If you have tried this and it worked it please drop me a line below.

Hair conditioning, well I tried this one. I was hesitant because now that I am pregnant I am especially aware of all coconut scented things within a 30 foot radius of me. But I did it anyway. I washed my hair with my husband’s shampoo and instead of using conditioner I massaged no less than 1/4 C of coconut oil through my hair while still warm and very wet. I know that might sound like a lot but I have very very thick and long hair.  I brushed my hair up into a bun and let it dry for most of the afternoon. Once it was somewhere between dry and damp I brushed my hair into four sections and made two braids in each section. I let the braids finish drying overnight and took them down in the morning. I am impressed. My hair isn’t oily at all and its softer than it is when I use conditioner, it does not smell like coconuts either.  I will definitely be keeping this in the routine.

Skin conditioning, well I tried my best here. I rubbed some on my belly in place of my preventative stretch mark cream. It smelled all day long, even after I washed it off. Let’s call this a fail and move right on.

Cooking oil. Well I swapped my go-to olive oil for coconut oil. I know that it can burn at a higher temp than EVOO but I don’t fry anything so the world may never know if it works or not. I did use it to make stir fry, however and  I didn’t notice any difference at all. While this was a successful swap with the price being double EVOO I wouldn’t swap it daily.

Butter replacement? We don’t eat butter much. The only place I use is in sauces like a roux. My friends would shoot me down in the street if I messed up something like a bechamel, so fail.

Health supplement, if you take two tablespoons by mouth daily you’re supposed to turn into a magical health unicorn and live forever in the commune of other barefoot hippies who are easily influenced by Dr. Oz. But I am WARNING you, it is gross. And very fatty. Ignore your inner Birkenstocks loving free spirit and skip this one. You will be stuck with a thick slimy stinky streak from your tongue down your throat and every time you breathe you will be reminded of your poor life choices. If you’re going to take it, just dump it a green juice and carry on.

Makeup remover, well this one works too if you can get past the smell. If you are prone to breakouts then make sure you wash really well after you’re finished.

Skin protecting Well I’m not sure what I am protecting my skin from.. Maybe skin cancer? Or bug bites? I did read that it can allegedly kill  yeast by applying it directly to the skin.  So if you have those lady problems this might help, buuuut I haven’t a clue.


Check it out and let me know how you like it.

I dedicate this to my fellow CD’ing BW’ing BF’ing organic only natural mammas.




Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy Update


That’s right! If you don’t know me personally or follow me on social media, I’M PREGNANT! Finally. I had honestly hoped to be able to have children closer in age and that they would go to school together. I guess that was just not the plan though. I am grateful to be pregnant, not matter how far apart the children will be. We are particularly lucky in this case because I am carrying what the TTC’ers refer to as a Rainbow Baby. A Rainbow Baby is a baby you conceive after a miscarriage. So we are do a lot happy dancing at casa de Lissy.

I found out I was pregnant in February–I think–don’t quote me on that. But It wasn’t a huge surprise as it is for some people. I was testing twice a day, even once I positive I kept testing. I know this probably sounds super cray cray, like “Why you so nuts, Lissa?” well I was worried to death. Pregnancy tests measure a hormone called HGC in your body and the more of the the darker the test line. I was way too early to get a blood test or consult a doctor so I tested and compared the strips, every single day. Like a lunatic. Frantically holding them up to the light, looking at them through the mirror, sending pictures to my TTC friends, forcing my husband to stare at them. And finally after about a week and a half of indiscernible results I got positives! And they got darker and darker each day (insert dancing meme). I went back to my OB, obstetrician and she agreed to see me many weeks earlier than normal because of my risk of complication. So at 5 weeks I went in and had blood work done and there it was, the proof in the delicious chocolate pudding. I did have a lot of blood work and exams at this point which was difficult for my husband and I, but at this point the only thing I feel is grateful.

Today I am 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant, due October 30th. I do not know the gender of the baby, I do not want to know either. I am totally team green this time.. Unfortunately my husband however, is determined and anxious to know the sex. I think I would be happy either way. I would love for B to have a brother to be best pals with, but I would adore a baby girl and the chance to finally gain some gender equality in the house. As it currently stands I am outnumbered in house of boys, and basketball and football and am constantly surrounded by ESPN updates. HELP ME.

What’s new for me? I have an obsession with dill pickles- they have to be whole pickles and not those sliced pickles. An aversion to sweets and pizza, weird right? This is not my body anymore. I’m still drinking plenty of water and veggie juice. I haven’t gained any weight so far but the baby bump is huge. I will add photos later. I’m tired always. I wake up and before even getting dressed I feel like I need a nap to carry on. I am winded just walking up the stairs, and there is only six. I am absolutely crazy and I love it.