A healthy pregnancy (with baby#2)?

Good morning love, it is 5:33 am and I can't sleep. I figure I've got about half an hour before my husband drags me back to bed so I thought I would share a quick post. It is Thursday after all 🙂 I get a LOT of questions about what I'm eating and if I … Continue reading A healthy pregnancy (with baby#2)?


Pregnancy Update #2

17 week update. Weight: +2lb Baby's Weight: 5oz Baby's HR:138 Mom's BP: 107/78 So there you have it. The baby stats. Also, according to the old wives tale this is looking like a boy. I could use another baby boy xA

Pregnancy Update

That's right! If you don't know me personally or follow me on social media, I'M PREGNANT! Finally. I had honestly hoped to be able to have children closer in age and that they would go to school together. I guess that was just not the plan though. I am grateful to be pregnant, not matter … Continue reading Pregnancy Update