Whole Foods Haul 10.20.16

Whole Foods Haul 10.20.16


I sincerely try not to be a junk food vegan, and I am decently successful. However, every single time I step into a Whole Foods store my core beliefs fly out of the window like an eagle in a Lenny Kravitz music video. I’m just glad I managed to get the stuff that was on my list too, seeing as I got distracted by not one, but three types of overly processed vegan cheeses. Fret not, I will post a review soon enough. If you’re still interested in this, here is what I got.


Dr. McDougall’s| noodles, Pad Thai, Miso Ramen, Teriyaki, Thai Peanut.

Dr. Bronner’s |peppermint castille soap.

Lily  of the Desert|  99% aloe vera gel.

Everyday 365| extra virgin olive oil.

Quorn| Chik’n Cutlets.

Whole Foods Market| Fizzing Bath Bombs

Califia Farms| Holiday Nog.

Maria & Ricardo| whole wheat tortillas.

Daiya| cheddar cheese slices.

Lead Cuisine| smoky gouda probiotic cashew spread.

Follow Your Heart| Vegan Gourmet Shreds, mozzarella.


There you have it. All the junky overly processed vegan things I bought this week. Check back for more shameful vegan treats.

Be on the lookout for my vegan Thanksgiving dinner ideas.






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